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Women's Prison Dramas: Orange is the New Black, Wentworth, and Vis a Vis

I've watched OITNB since season 1, finished watching seasons 1-3 of Wentworth before the current 4th season started, and only recently discovered and watched all of season 1 and episodes 1-10 of the currently airing season 2 of Vis a Vis. All three are women's prison dramas but besides that the only other trait they share is that they begin with a naive newby entering the prison. OITNB is an American production while Wentworth is an Australian production, and Vis a Vis comes to us from Spain and has been picked up in the UK under the name Locked Up. OITNB is by far the most light-hearted of the bunch with more comedic moments than the other two, it also has more annoying characters than the other two, and has suffered one less than stellar season. Wentworth, by comparison, is very dark and has maintained a very consistent level of great drama throughout its four seasons. Vis a Vis is the newest and as of its 2nd season, it may be on par or darker than Wentworth, it definitely has the most badass characters both inside and outside the prison. Of course this is just my opinion but all three dramas are very good and completely different from each other, so if you like one I suggest you try the other two.
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I've been rewatching a lot of my concert DVDs.
Can I have a LUNA SEA & Arashi colab???
Actually, can I have a VS Arashi episode with LUNA SEA as the guest team with both teams getting a plus one also???
My favorite j-rock band and my favorite j-pop group doing something together would be awesome.
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Japanese actors I'd like to see act together.

Matsuda Ryuhei and Kubozuka Yosuke. They both have such unique acting styles it would be interesting to see how they mesh together.

Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun, Eita, and Matsuda Ryuhei. I'd like to see these four act together in a Japanese remake of the Korean drama "Iris" or something serious & crime related.

Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun, Matsuda Shota, and Ikuta Toma. In a Japanese remake of the Korean drama "A Gentleman's Dignity" or some lighthearted or romantic drama.

I'd be happy just to see any new pairing of the above 7 actors. Jun and Ryuhei would be amazing. Shota and Ryuhei probably would never happen. Neither would Kubozuka Yosuke with Jun or Shun because they don't act in movies risque enough to cast him.
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more thoughts on arashi

another thing i'd like to see is other johnny's groups appearing on vs arashi as whole groups & competing.

i guess fans be crazy all around the world; what is up with japanese arashi fans defacing nature just because they want a part of a tree a member touched in a cm??? get a life people.

This weeks Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen

I worry for the state of the lions in that zoo. Unless they were brought in with all those scars they should not be looking like that if they are being cared for properly. Also, they said that those in the "holding cells" were the ones that were causing trouble/fighting and separated from the rest, if that is the case, why are the three "troublemakers" being held in the same small room? All the males looked really scarred and angry.

Sometimes I wonder ... #1

Why doesn't Johnny's & Associates expand and let their artists, specifically Arashi, hold concerts in America?
They know that Arashi has tons of fans around the world from sales, votes from Mannequin 5, and choosing the Arafes songs, so why not?

Then I considered the cost to profit ratio of holding a concert in the States and economically it's really not worth it.
For a full Arashi concert experience they would need a ton of staff, mechanisms (moving stages & such), effects (fireworks, waterworks, etc), and a huge enough venue to hold it in.
I know Arashi has a lot of fans in the States but it would probably only be enough to hold a concert for two nights and not even to a full audience.
The costs would be too much and the profits too little to hold a concert anywhere outside of Asia.

The only other option would be for them to hold a lower-key type of concert that wouldn't cost as much.
Honestly though, I would rather go to Japan and experience the full Arashi concert experience rather than them come here and do that.
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I just watched Firefly the TV series and Serenity, the movie based off it, and I loved them both. Really great plot, storytelling, and action. I get how people can call it a live-action Cowboy Bebop, but really it just shares similarities on the surface (space western opera), everything else is its own (especially the more western atmosphere). I don't get why they aired it on FOX, nothing on FOX ever lasts or is ever very good for that matter. They should have waited and sold it for another network to pick it up, SyFy would have been a great home for it during the early years of Eureka.