animecook (animecook) wrote,

Sometimes I wonder ... #1

Why doesn't Johnny's & Associates expand and let their artists, specifically Arashi, hold concerts in America?
They know that Arashi has tons of fans around the world from sales, votes from Mannequin 5, and choosing the Arafes songs, so why not?

Then I considered the cost to profit ratio of holding a concert in the States and economically it's really not worth it.
For a full Arashi concert experience they would need a ton of staff, mechanisms (moving stages & such), effects (fireworks, waterworks, etc), and a huge enough venue to hold it in.
I know Arashi has a lot of fans in the States but it would probably only be enough to hold a concert for two nights and not even to a full audience.
The costs would be too much and the profits too little to hold a concert anywhere outside of Asia.

The only other option would be for them to hold a lower-key type of concert that wouldn't cost as much.
Honestly though, I would rather go to Japan and experience the full Arashi concert experience rather than them come here and do that.
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